Monday, August 2, 2010

Sex in Advertising

There's no denying it. The truth in advertising is that sex sells. Be it on TV, radio, print, or the internet, if you want your company to be noticed, sex is the way to go.

But should you as a company owner take this path in your effort to promote your company? If you believe that there's no sense in reinventing the wheel then you probably should. But should you considering that in this day and age all we ever see in media is sex, sex and more sex? Can you not be different?

I'm no hypocrite. I just don't think it's good that media is inundated with too much sex especially since our children also have access to them. Have you ever thought how sex-laden advertising messages affect how our children see the world around them?

Here's an interesting video that drives home my point.

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  1. there is a commentary that you may find interesting. i find axe commercials sexist, and elsewhere in the world other people notice it too.

    while dove says it fights for women's self-esteem, axe objectifies women. dove is a unilever brand too, right? what's unilever's real stand on this? i think it's irresponsible to be sending mixed signals like that, especially to young impressionable girls exposed to ads from that company.

    check it out:


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