Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't Kill Your Kili Kili

Do you love your armpits? I mean really love them like some other vital part of your anatomy like your head?

That's the unfortunate fact about our armpits. We don't love them enough to take really good care of them. We normally just notice them when they get all sweaty and smelly. By then, most of us would think the prudent thing to do is to shower our armpits with love through generous slatherings of antiperspirant.

I was like that too. I was a regular user of antiperspirants that is until I realized that the formulation of these products seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

The first time I ever used an antiperspirant I initially thought it was humanity's greatest invention. With just one application my armpits remained dry for at least three days. I thought what an easy way to keep my armpits all fresh, clean and dry. I also thought it was quite economical considering its promise of "24-hour protection."

That antiperspirant was indeed a Godsend for the first two days. No sweat indeed and of course no embarrassing odors. My satisfaction didn't last long though because on the third day my armpits became very itchy and tender. I also developed some small bumps. It was irritated to say the least.

I would later learn that commercial antiperspirants are bad news. I found out that armpit irritation was not uncommon among users of these products. As I researched more about it, I also learned that preventing armpit sweat was quite unnatural. By the way, did you know that sweat is naturally odorless and that it is not what is causing our armpits to smell like patis (fishsauce)?

I won't get into the details right now. If you want more information click on the links I will provide below.

I have since stopped using antiperspirants. I specifically avoid the one that promises "it won't let you down."

Nowadays, I just let my armpits sweat because that's more natural. However, I do use milder deodorants so I don't smell like a caveman.

There are lots of mild deodorants available in the market. You can easily find them at alternative health stores. Don't bother looking for them in groceries and supermarkets because you won't find them there.

In my case I buy mine from a neighbor who's into direct selling. Though priced a little higher than commercial deodorants, the deodorant my neighbor sells is the healthier option and, come to think of it, actually costs just about the same as commercial deodorants in the long run. One stick lasts for about six months under normal use. In one year, I just consume two sticks. If you want to know what deodorant that is click here.

And here are the links as promised.

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