Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pepsodent TV Ad Sneaky and Misleading

Have you seen the latest Pepsodent television commercial? It's the one that says Pepsodent is better than other toothpastes because it has more calcium. Next time you have the chance, take a good look at it and you'll notice a few odd things:

(1) They used computer graphics to show two pearls with cracks. One pearl retains its cracks, the other has its cracks filled up in a way similar to how grouting is done to fill gaps between tiles.

(2) You hear the ad mention more calcium at the same time you see the cracks filled on one pearl.

(3) Look at the pearl that stays cracked at that moment calcium is being mentioned while the other pearl's cracks get filled. There's a small caption saying that the pearl that keeps cracked shows what happens with toothpaste WITHOUT FLOURIDE.

See the problem?

While it was saying that Pepsodent is better because it has more calcium, it was using visual cues that refer to the benefit of FLUORIDE, not calcium. The visual was making this comparison: NO FLUORIDE versus WITH FLUORIDE, not LESS/NO CALCIUM (other toothpastes, supposedly) versus MORE CALCIUM (Pepsodent), yet the audio at that exact moment the cracks was pitching Pepsodent's greater calcium content.

Like a high tech sleight of hand, that was just misleading and plain dishonest on Pepsodent's part.

Plus, we already know that ALL of Pepsodent's real competitors DO HAVE FLUORIDE. Where's Pepsodent's edge now, honestly?

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  1. Hello. I happen to agree with this article of yours and I thought I'd extend your critique with some of my own additional points right over at my blog.

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