Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knorr and the Art of Saying Something Without Really Saying Anything

It's funny how some companies communicate. In some of their marketing communications they can be saying a lot of things without really saying anything. It's like they're deliberately hiding certain information. I found this out today as I was doing research on my favorite food seasoning, Knorr.

I was cooking and I realized I have been consuming at least two small bottles of Knorr seasoning every month. It wouldn't have been anything at all, but just the other day I read that most seasonings contain MSG or  monosodium glutamate. I'm not exactly a health nut but having a friend who was recently diagnosed with kidney problems I'm now a little bit concerned about my own diet.

By its name alone MSG seems like bad news. This was confirmed by what I saw all over the internet. According to various articles, MSG poses some health risks.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a webpage for Knorr seasoning and I found this rather strange response to the simple question: Do Knorr products contain MSG?
Do Knorr products contain MSG?
If MSG is present in a product either directly added or as a component of another ingredient, it will be listed on the label as MSG or monosodium glutamate. It is never hidden under any other ingredient listing. Knorr's practice is to use MSG only when we believe it is necessary to formulate the best tasting product. 
We wish you and your organization much success.
Ain't that a little weird? They could have just answered in the negative or affirmative instead of providing such a roundabout response. Oh well, I guess I will just have to do away with Knorr seasoning for now or at least until I get to the grocery and do an actual label check.

For now I just want to say that MSG is bad news for your health. It's best to avoid it.


  1. it was obviously a simple yes-or-no question. the roundabout manner of answering implies they're aware that larger amounts of msg is bad, lower amounts of msg is preferred.

    i wonder how much msg is in knorr seasoning. dati pinapapak ko ang kanin na may knorr seasoning kahit walang ulam, not thew entire meal of course. weird no? must be the msg.

  2. in fairness masarap talaga ang knorr seasoning. nung elementary ako naalala ko may bumisita noon sa school namin. nag-distribute sila ng knorr seasoning na nasa maliit na bottles. lahat kami magkakaklase tinungga yung knorr. hahaha.

    of course, now we know the dangers of msg.

    hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng grocery. i plan to check this time kung meron nga ba talaga o wala. kasi i've made a resolution that i will start eating healthy.

  3. its more than 10 years already since i stopped taking food with MSG. at kahit ung noodles talagang hindi ko pinapakain mga anak ko since its heavily laden with msg, preservatives and chemicals whcih are bad for our health.

    i also read the label of any product that i buy from the supermarkets. may magnifying glass nga ako lagi sa bag ko kasi sometimes labels are printed in very small letters.

  4. Oleda, ibig sabihin hindi ka nakakakain ng Chinese food?
    Ang alam ko puro vetsin yun eh.


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